SuperAnnotate AI

SuperAnnotate Python SDK documentation

SuperAnnotate Python SDK allows access to the platform without web browser:

from superannotate import SAClient

sa = SAClient()

sa.create_project("Example Project 1", "example", "Vector")

sa.upload_images_from_folder_to_project("Example Project 1", "<path_to_my_images_folder>")


SDK is available on PyPI:

pip install superannotate

The package officially supports Python 3.6+ and was tested under Linux and Windows (Anaconda) platforms.

For more detailed installation steps and package usage please have a look at the tutorial.

Supported Features

  • Search projects

  • Create/delete a project

  • Upload images to a project from a local or AWS S3 folder

  • Upload videos to a project from a local folder

  • Upload annotations/pre-annotations to a project from local or AWS S3 folder

  • Set the annotation status of the images being uploaded

  • Export annotations from a project to a local or AWS S3 folder

  • Share and unshare a project with a team contributor

  • Invite a team contributor

  • Search images in a project

  • Download a single image

  • Copy/move image between projects

  • Get image bytes (e.g., for numpy array creation)

  • Set image annotation status

  • Download image annotations/pre-annotations

  • Create/download project annotation classes

  • Add annotations to images on platform

  • Convert annotation format from/to COCO

  • Add annotations to local SuperAnnotate format JSONs

  • CLI commands for simple tasks

  • Aggregate class/attribute distribution as histogram


This SDK is distributed under the MIT License.

Questions and Issues

For questions and issues please use issue tracker on GitHub.